The Village

The Village is the uniting of all of our communities in a safe place to eat, drink and dance without judgement. Produced by Dope Black Dads, Dope Black Mums, Dope Black Women and more community groups.

The Village Garden Party is a day party with pan-african food, drink and music to celebrate our culture and achievements to close out the summer.

Family Day

Family Day will include food & drink, team games like rounders, bean bag relay and of course a tug of war!!! First activity is scheduled to kick off from 12:30pm and the final one at 4:30pm. 

The whole family are welcome for a wholesome day of child friendly fun.

Live Podcast

The Dope Black Dads live podcast will be full of amazing discussions on everything which affects black dads, black men and black people. We will have special guests who specialise in special topics.


Why our events are important…

We have a large community of people across Dope Black Dads, Mums and Women. To unite all of the information and build a community together, spending real time in a physical space is a large part of the answer to unity.

We are passionate about informing, educating, discussing, healing and feeding our community all with a belly laugh, good music and a smile on our faces.